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Wellness Center

The "Belriguardo Spa", Wellnes room in Ferrara, arose inside the Room Bed & Breakfast "Casale Belriguardo" proposes an extraordinary experiences in a refined surrounding where body and soul dissolve the most real emotions and harmony by oneself... all in a charming frame of the Ferrara countryside, far from frenetic rhythms of the city.

Wellness Services


The Whirpool for 4/6 persons joins the water to heat, air and massagges on your body giving an energetic explosion.

Turkish Bath

The Turkish Bath purifies your body and relaxes your mind; in winter it helps to prevent any breathing organs troubles and to eliminate toxins while in summer it drops your body temperature giving a refreshing action.


The "Biosauna" (the inner temperature is 50°/60°) exploits the "dry heat" to improve one's health relaxing.

Emotional Shower

In the emotional shower special water-effects are combinated to lights, music and flavours.

Infusion corner

In an intimate and confortable corner fresh fruits and infusions for a delightful stop during your wellness course.